Toulouse BlaBla Language Exchange 2.0 (Bazar - rue Pargaminière) @ Toulouse, France, Toulouse [du 22 février au 29 novembre]

Toulouse BlaBla Language Exchange 2.0 (Bazar - rue Pargaminière)

- 29
19:30 - 22:30

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Toulouse, France
Toulouse, France
Due to your huge interest in our wednesday BlaBla events, let us introduce you our BRAND NEW EVENT!

Welcome to the Toulouse Blabla Language Exchange!

About our event
Blabla Language Exchange is a group which exists worldwide to give you the opportunity to practice the chosen foreign language or just to socilize and make friends when you arrive to a new city.

Which language groups you can find?
As our experience showed in the last year, here in Toulouse the two main languages our participants are interested in are the french and the english language and we always mananaged to set up a group for the spanish speakers. Over this we are open to all the languages, so if there are 3-4 people who would like to speak for example italian we are happy to set up a new group for that.

How do we work?
It's all simple. When you arrive, our hosts will welcome you and help you to find the group the language you are interested in. You can also find some small flags on the tables to make it easier to find a group that suits you. After you have nothing to do but talk, share and have a lot of fun with awsome international people.
Quite easy huh?

Our event is FREE for everyone, but due to we get the place for free please consume a small drink or something during the evening to support the bar and to let us stay there for long time :)

Join us, make friends and improving your language skills!
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